I have a confession to make...

May 27, 2019

I have maintained for years and years that my favorite color is blue. A deep, rich blue, the kind you see in the ocean or in a blue agate.

I haven't really thought about what my favorite color is for a long time, to be honest. It's not something that I think about very much as an adult. When I was a child, just like with my children, it was something I remember thinking about a fair amount. It was pink at one point, I remember. For a long time it was very specifically Hunter Green. At some point I settled on blue.

I think the change started with a pair of heels I bought to wear to work in my twenties. They were a deep, dark, oxblood red and I loved them so much I wore them out. From then on I loved red shoes. I bought red Chuck Taylors, red Toms, red knee-high boots.

It spread out into accessories, too. I've gone through several red purses, I have a red scarf I wear in the winter, a red band for my watch. I bought a giant red backpack that I love dearly and carry every day to work.

My gigantic red backpack, covered with patches

When I was looking to redesign my website, it took some time, but in the end I realized that the only thing I really wanted was something bold, something me. I wanted something red.

And so with that it's time, I guess, to admit that blue is no longer my favorite color. Don't get me wrong, I still like a deep, rich blue. But I don't like it as much as a love a vibrant red.