Adding Github Gists

I was reading an article a while back with tips on starting a tech blog and keeping it going and one of the suggestions listed was to use Github Gists for your code samples. The main argument was that they were easy to use and accessible. I was already using PrismJS as a syntax highlighter, but I thought I would give Gists a try, just to see how they worked.

Of course, nothing is ever that simple.

For my blog, I currently use MDX for my blog posts. It was another thing I decided to try out at one point. I'd read about the MDX format when setting up this site with Gatsby and the idea of being able to use components inside my markdown sounded pretty cool. And, in fact, it came in very handy in getting the Gists to load in my post, but it took a bit to get things working.

The first thing I tried, after creating my gist, was just using the embed script that Github provides. I couldn't get the script to actually embed the gist on my page, though. The script appeared in my HTML, but nothing loaded on the page.

The second thing I tried was the gatsby-remark-embed-gist Gatsby plugin, but I couldn't get that to work either. Again, it only showed the embed code as text on my page.

screenshot of the embed code text on my blog page

Then it occurred to me that I am using MDX and that I could possibly use a component. I found the react-gist NPM module and it looked simple enough. I installed it and tried to import it directly into my MDX file, below the frontmatter, but I kept getting the error message that "Gist could not be found".

And that's when I found shortcodes, which are pretty cool. I was able to import react-gist into my layout.js file and then pass it through to my entire app as a shortcode. Then, in any of my posts where I want to add a gist, I just go ahead and use the <Gist> component and it works!

You can see the result here:

And here you can see the commit that adds the code to make this possible

The next thing I'd like to do is look into the accessibility of this solution. They don't seem to be more accessible than my old PrismJS versions, but there could be things that I'm not looking at.