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The Wake: A Novel

The Wake: A Novel

Powerless, damaged, and damned, Buccmaster of Holland is an unsettling character and his story is as disturbingly human as they come.

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    Up the Hill to Home

    Yacovissi shines in her descriptions of daily life, whether that life is taking place in Civil War-era Washington as Jubal Early and his Confederate troops are closing in, or in the crowded mid-1930s household that Lillie calls home as the book begins.

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    An Interview with Contributor, Rick DeMarinis

    We recently interviewed Rick DeMarinis, whose story “Afternoon in Byzantium” ran in The Antioch Review, 2014 summer all-fiction issue and garnered the Review recognition as a finalist in the fiction category of the 2015 National Magazine Awards from the American Society of Magazine Editors.

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    An Interview with O. Henry Prize Winner, Asako Serizawa

    We recently interviewed Asako Serizawa, author of The Visitor, which appeared in our Summer 2011 (Volume 69, Number 3) issue and which won an O. Henry Prize award in 2013.

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    Later, she would look back on that day and remember the carnage, the broken men with mangled bodies who staggered past and scared her half to death.

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    Being a Fiction First Reader at The Antioch Review: An Interview with Katy Bowman

    On average, nine readers cull through the approximately 3,000 per year fiction submissions looking for the thirty or so that will ultimately end up on the pages of The Antioch Review. These readers do a close reading of the submitted stories, find the ones they like, and send them on to editor, Robert Fogarty, who makes the final decision. The Antioch Review is grateful for all its first readers and thought you might like an inside look at how just one of them, Katy Bowman, approaches this important task.